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Our guests are always professionally draped during the massage session. All massages are administered by Florida State licensed practitioners with advanced training and/or certification in various modalities and are complimented with aromatherapy oils and hot towels.

Massage Lic # MM-36154
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Relaxing Tranquility | Sweden

A rhythmic light to medium pressure Swedish aromatic massage promoting a deep sense of relaxation. AKA the beginners choice massage. Twenty-five minutes 65 | Fifty minutes 117 | Eighty minutes 165


Deep Muscle-Theraputic

Deep relaxing full body, specific area or a combination of both, are the focus of this powerful massage designed to alleviate deep seated tension and muscle soreness, sports related conditions and overall body fatigue. Back, Neck Shoulders and Specific target areas. Twenty five minutes 75 | Fifty minutes 127 | Full body; Eighty minutes 175


Bamboo Massage | Bali

Bamboo sticks are gently warmed to work deep into the muscles releasing tensions. Using a combination of massage, pressure point with bamboo manipulation. Promoting circulation, lymphatic drainage, sensory nerve perception and a deep sense of relaxation & well being. Harmonizing the body and mind for long lasting results. Fifty minutes 135 | Eighty Minutes 185


Thai Yoga Massage| Thailand

This is one of the most exotic and amazing worldly massages. Thai Massage dates back thousands of years. An advanced yoga massage practitioner will assist your body in yoga style stretching while using Thai massage compressions, pressure on body chakra points, breath work, etc. Opens the body, releases lower back discomfort, brings balance to the energy pathway meridians and the whole being leaving you with a feeling of deep relaxation and a sudden increase in flexibility. Offered inside or outside (weather permitting), fully clothed on a floor mat or massage table. Wear loose fitting yoga or work out clothing for easy movement. Fifty minutes 135 (table only) Eighty Minutes 185 | One Hundred & Ten Minutes 250


Volcanic Hot Stone | Multi Cultural

A therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to release deep muscle tension and encourage a deeply relaxing meditative experience. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains. Helping to unwind and leaving your body relaxed and rejuvenated. Let go and drop into a deep sense of peace and well-being.Fifty minutes 135 | Eighty Minutes 185

Reflexology | Foot Massage | Tibet

An ancient practice treating ones imbalances through the reflex points or nerve endings of the feet. Your feet are like a map of the body to a skillfully trained reflexologist, detecting points of crystallization where toxicity has built up in the organs, spine and other body areas. By working these points and breaking down the formation of crystallization, your body will eliminate the toxins and restores its balance again. Regular treatments are encouraged to bring great health benefit and improve the quality of ones life. Twenty-five minutes 75 | Fifty minutes 127

Let The Spa Come to YOU…

Spa 66 licensed practitioners are also available for local Yacht, In-Room and Home calls within a 15 mile radius to the spa. Offering Therapeutic massage, facials, hair and nails. Add 20% to regular spa service prices for outcall spa services at your location.
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Spa / Massage Lic # MM-36154
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Cupping Massage

Improve circulatory, respiratory & digestive problems with this alternative therapy. Effective applications of cupping include: back stiffness relief, detoxification, relaxation, cellulite and scar treatments. This is a remarkable practice in which a cup is applied to the skin and rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses negative pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward. You will feel relaxed, warm and light and results are amazing! Sixty minutes 149


Massage Sampler | Signature

In case you’re not sure what to choose, Spa 66 created a sampling of several popular massages. A taste of each of the following specialized massage treatments all combined into one session:Relaxing, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Stone, Bamboo and scalp massage. Eighty Minutes 185


Tree of Life Maternity Massage | Multi Cultural

Advanced certified and trained massage practitioners comfort and support you in the experience of complete relaxation. Regular treatments are especially beneficial, promoting relaxation for the duration of your pregnancy. Easing the birth process. This massage relaxes muscular tensions aiding the body to adjust through the stages of pregnancy. Available with your Doctors permission in the second and third trimester. Not recommended during the first trimester. Twenty-five minutes 85 | Fifty Minutes 127 | Eighty minutes 165

Warm Vanilla Massage and Reflexology Combo

An enjoyable combination; our relaxing fifty minute massage with warm vanilla oil and a thirty minutes of foot reflexology, Hot aroma infused towels included. Eighty Minutes 185

Raindrop Therapy

The application of several high-frequency Aromatherapy oil blends, using acupressure and Tibetan Vita Flex Reflexology, Massage and Energy Balancing. Raindrop Therapy is a simple application of dropping the oils like little tiny drops of rain along the spine to bring structural and electrical alignment. It‘s relaxing application is designed to bring balance to the body. Aligns and clears the energy centers of the body without using force or excessive pressure. Detoxifying and eliminating bacteria, virus and toxic residue dormant in the spine. When we combine the electrical frequencies, the intelligence of the body and the oils, a greater healing process begins. Note: the oils may continue to work on the body for about five to seven days after treatment with continued realignment taking place during this time. An excellent treatment session when experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu. One Hundred Minutes 195

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