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Emotional Rebalancing

Over the years we accumulate a residue of unresolved stresses and tensions in our physical body. Each time we experience a trauma, we store that emotional charge of negativity in our cells, depleting the life force of the creator. By clearing these traumas from the body with specific advanced techniques, we regain those sparks of light as we eliminate all the negative emotions that have held us back from living our highest potential. Our mind then becomes illuminated with positive thoughts as the negative old patterns lessen and eventually diminish. One session gets you back on track to reclaiming your ideal perfect destiny. Promoting a feeling of wholeness, renewal, blissful and emotionally recharged. This unique methodology combines various ancient and modern techniques of emotional clearing in a life changing session.
Allow two hours $500
With over 35 years of holistic health care, Tara is now offering her comprehensive
holistic approach to a select Spa 66 clientele exclusively.
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Cranial Sacral Therapy – Zero Balancing | Energy Recovery

Re-cultivate your vitality and energy through positive intention with the most profound and powerful methods of energy balancing techniques for the mind and body. This session promotes a feeling of peace, inner balance and an elevated metal bliss and clarity. Allow 50 minutes $200

Clinical Aromatherapy | Lymphatic Drainage

A detoxification, stimulating the enhancing the transportation of cellular waste via the
lymphatic system. Aiding in the removal of toxins from the body, decreasing swelling.
fluid retention and cellulite. Relieving tension, fatigue, migraines, pms, allergies and many other conditions. Selected medicinal grade “A” essential aromatherapy oils are are used for detoxification, stimulation and or relaxation along with gentle manual lymphatic drainage techniques. Provided by a certified ‘Clinical Aromatherapist’ through the London Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy. Includes reflexology. Allow Eighty minutes $275


An alternative to traditional counseling.
Our intention is our most powerful asset. It is up to us to shift our consciousness and
commit to be the best that we can be in every aspect. Being part of the creativity and
continuity of life in harmony. Sessions are available in person or by phone. In person
sessions may include clinical aromatherapy treatment, Bach flower essences, meditation
and discussion. Allow 50 minutes $200

Feng Shui

Mastering the art of Feng Shui takes many years of aligning with the eastern modalities
to understand the theory of energy and movement (wind & water) which bring ones
environment into balance. Promoting an environment of harmony by opening the flow of
energy in your home, office and life. This on location session will focus on balancing
your Bagua sections including; Career, Travel, New Beginnings/Children, Love/
Relationships, Reputations/ Fame, Success/ Prosperity, Family and Wisdom.
Allow three hours $450, Per additional hour add $150.
Yoga available for group and private sessions