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Our masterfully created ‘Rituals’ offer half day and full day retreats. Infusing chromo (color) therapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic touch, herbal apothecary and guided journeys with a symphony of sound to embark our guests on a journey of the five senses. A beneficial experience of relaxation, revitalization and transformation. Reconnecting you to your inner peace.All rituals include a consultive sensory evaluation which will allow you and your practitioner to create your ideal “Five Sensory” recipe based on your intention through Sight | Smell | Touch | Taste | Sound

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66 | Quick Spa Fix

Relaxing Back Massage | 25 minute
White Lotus Face & Scalp Massage | 25 minutes Total time | 50 minutes | 150


Custom Spa 66 | Personal Guided Rituals

If you are not sure what will best suit your needs, leave it in the hands of your Spa 66 professionals. Simply select your Treatment Time | Date | Length: from 2 up to 7 hours. Your Spa professional will evaluate what is best suited for you based on your personal intention. Delivering a personalized Spa 66 journey. Per hour | 165


66 | Essential Moments

Relaxing Tranquility Massage
Spa 66 | Ocean Facial – 100 minutes | 242


Asian Orchid | Thai ritual

Aromatic lemongrass infused Ritual foot bath with foot massage Royal Thai massage Thai facial, scalp massage & Reflexology. 110 minutes | 300


Tree of life

Maternity spa journey for expecting mothers. Relaxing Maternity Massage for Body & Scalp (50 min.) Spa 66 | Ocean Facial. Key lime Spa Manicure & Pedicure – 170 minutes | 367


Balinese Magic

Coconut milk & Balinese Aromatic infused Ritual foot bath with foot massage Asian Pear exfoliating raw sugar body scrub (40minutes) Warm Bamboo Massage (80 min) – 120 minutes | 320

Spa 66 | Signature Chakra Balancing Ritual

Chromo foot bath, foot massage and aromatherapy Aromatherapy kundalini massage (only available in this ritual)
Clearing and opening the main chakra energy centers with Chakra sound meditation with tuning forks resonating to the frequency of each of the main chakra energy centers.Encompassing all the colors through mediation, chakra oils, breath, & Heart bowl for a completely integrating experience. 110 minutes | 333


Spa 66 | Lanai Tropical Island Ritual

Tropical fruit infused foot bath & foot massage. Papaya exfoliating raw sugar scrub. Sea Shell massage (50 min)
True Indian Facial | with fresh papaya- 150 minutes | 400


Spa 66 | Ayurvedic Body Samadhi With Shirodhara

It begins with an Aroma infused foot bath ritual. A body Samadhi session combines a skin exfoliation, nourishing herbal wrap, a Tibetan balancing bowl foot massage and East Indian Ayurvedic Abhayanga. Abhayanga, a Shankara True Indian (European style) Facial and a Shirodhara (a gentle pouring of oil over the forehead to induce deep tranquility), head and scalp massage, and hair treatment. Two hundred and thirty minutes | 590 Pancha Karma package of five | 2950

*Our Ultimate Signature Ayurvedic Spa Package
Customized for your specific mental and physical dosha (body type – Vata, Pitta or Kapha)

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